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Commit Dates Are Ruining Projected Dates


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I have found that if a user opens a task (does not click any "start now or work on it button) that a commit date will get filled in. In that case, the projected completion date will not move. 


Example - 


The projected completion date for the task is 7/1 and the user opens the task. It will fill in the commit date to 7/1. 


If the project gets ahead of schedule, that task with the commit date filled in, won't move up. It will stay 7/1 even though the user could start it on 6/25. We can't figure out how commit dates are being entered. During our test project, we just opened the task and it filled it in for a user. 


Is there a way to stop commit dates altogether? I've seen this ask since 2019 in the forums. 

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You’re right that there has been a lot of customer appetite to remove commit dates or have the option to. If you haven’t already, vote on this idea about it with many comments/over 300 likes: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/workfront-ideas/give-system-admins-an-option-to-rem...

There are others to vote on too but this one has the most traction.

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