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Can you get aggregates on parent tasks?


Level 10

Hi WF Community,

Does anyone know if it's possible to aggregate a custom calculated field (Number format) at the parent task level?  I have a custom view at the project level (looking at all of the tasks in the project), and I'm using the SUM option on Field A (the custom calculated Number field), but it only aggregates if I apply a grouping.  Is there a way for the aggregate to automatically display at the parent task(s) level?




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Level 7

Hi - 

We do something along these lines using Fusion to calculate and write it.  Happy to go into details if that's of interest.




Level 10

Thanks, Jason.  I might take you up on this.  We have a pretty invovled setup within Fusion, so I'm sure we could work it in.

For the time being, however, we're just using a custom Grouping on parent task.