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Can I switch existing fields from text to rich text?


Level 4

When we created the custom form rich text fields didn't exist and we are running into character limit issues.

We *do* have history fields created so we can clear those fields and repopulate them, but I think we are going to then run into this issue twice.

If I cannot reformat/switch them, is there an easy way to update it? I need to use the same field name as we have fusion automations/reports all over using those fields, and we can't lose the current data. We're talking tens of thousands of projects.

Thank you!



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Level 1

Hi Angie, I have a very similar challenge; we have a number of Text formatted custom fields (CF) that we'd like to 'convert' to Rich Text format. WF support advised that there is no way of achieving this in the standard WF. I have thought about using Fusion to:

  1. Create a temporary new rich text CF
  2. Copy the existing text CF data to that new CF
  3. Delete the data in the existing text CF
  4. Delete the now empty text CF
  5. Create a new rich text CF using the original name of the text CF
  6. Copy the data from the temp rich text CF to the new rich text CF

I am new to Fusion, so don't really know if this is possible.



Tagging the @Workfront Fusion 2.0‚ group to see if anyone in there has some advice for you!