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Can a Workfront Timeline be set up for minus weeks?


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I am working on creating Workfront templates for the Architectural Planning team for a retail company.  At this company, the day that the store opens is the GO date and everything leading up to that is discussed in the manner of "it has to be done by -9" meaning nine weeks before the GO date.

So my question is, is there a way to set up the Workfront times to reflect that?  Currently when I look at a timeline it shows week 1 for the first week of the project, but I would like it to say -35 in order to align with the vocabulary used at our company.

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Templates are key here, glad you're creating those for this. If you know your project needs to be done by X days from creation, you can accommodate for this in your template task predecessors/durations. You can set your template completion mode to Completion Date instead of Start Date and when creating the project, you set your planned completion to X date/9 weeks out as your GO date, attach your template that has tasks built within that timeframe and the dates will adjust accordingly. 

OR, you can set as Start Date mode with your project starting the day it's created, and have your GO date as the final task in your project with a must finish on constraint, and that is the planned due date for your tasks to work backwards from, as long as you have durations/preds set. So based on either completion mode, preds/durations are key here to have your tasks flow within this 9 week period. Does this answer your question?

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