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Can a database be created from a Task in Workfront?


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I have a coworker who is in charge of our product photography. During a meeting he indicated that he kept a separate spreadsheet that included not just the project details from WF but the photography location details, shot list, talent needs, etc. Is there a way to include this information in a WF project?

I was considering having my coworker complete a Request Form that could house all of the details he collects but he would have no way to make the updates, I would need to do that. If a Request Form was possible, a report could be created for him that mimics the spreadsheet currently is use. Does this sound possible or no?


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Hi Rachelle,

Yes, this sounds like an excellent opportunity to model out. In addition to mimicking his existing spreadsheet for his submission (making it look as familiar as possible, to start), you could also create a view that will then show all of his such request at once, which will then make it easy for you to update any changes he needs on his behalf. Have fun!




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Hi Rachelle,

Is your product photography part of other projects, or is it something separate?

We do all our product photography for each year in one project, each project has it's own issue. If every issue he needed to add more info to was in one project, could he be given more access to just that project to enter that info himself. Maybe create a View on the issue list so he could enter any additional info right there on the list of issues and not have to actually open each issue to enter data.

We have our photo studio coordinator set up as an Admin, only because when requests for product photography come in, there are generally SO many products that it would take forever to create an issue for each one. Instead I've created an Excel template for her, she copies the product info to that template and Kick-starts all the issues into Workfront all at once herself.