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Call for Votes - Innovation Lab on the ability to edit a Queue Topic on a Project after it is created.


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Queue Topics are currently my pain point and I really want to make peace with them.

I found these two ideas in the Innovation Lab that I would love to get some votes on to make these a priority.

(Are this similar enough to combine?)

Ability to change Queue topics & topic groups within a submitted Request


Changing Queue Topic/Topic Group once request is submitted



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I don't know that I agree with this. We have tens of thousands of queue topics; thousands of queue topic groups; and hundreds of queues. If the problem is "everything about the request is correct (including the custom form attached), but the user selected the wrong queue topic - so it's not appearing on the correct dashboard" that can already be corrected by updating the queue topic in a request report. Since users are unlikely to figure this out for themselves, it's up to admins if they want to expose or promote that capability.

What cannot (and should not) be updated is the queue topic group or path. We expose the request path along with other entry data in our custom Request Summary tab so we can easily understand what actions the user took to create their request. For auditing purposes, I believe those should always remain locked just as much as the entry date/time and entered by ID should remain locked.

If users submitting via the wrong request path is a big problem, I would revisit the design and language used through out the queue topics/groups. We've had to spend a lot of time and energy on this type of exercise and it has improved a great deal as we make refinements.

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Hi William, this issue is stumping me yet again.

A user submits a request and chooses a Topic Group. That topic group determines which report on a dashboard the request goes to and who gets alerted etc. They chose the wrong one but I can't seem to find a way to correct the topic group so that is shows up on the correct report etc.

It's an issue report and it filters to queueTopic:parentTopicGroupID= which is working correctly. I tried to add a column to display the Topic group but the only option is (Parent Topic Group For Issue) and that keeps coming up blank and doesn't allow inline editing.

How would you advise that I go about fixing this?


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Hi Tracy, I see. The queue topic can be updated on a request after it has been submitted. A queue topic group cannot be updated after submission. I didn't realize you were filtering on the topic group as opposed to filtering on the topic.

It is more effort in creating the report filter, but you might consider including all of a queue topic group's queue topics, instead of just the group.

So, If I have a topic group "California" which contains the topics "Los Angeles," "San Diego," and "San Francisco," instead of creating a filter where "Queue Topic Group = California" I would instead do a filter where "Queue Topic = Los Angeles or San Diego or San Francisco."

Now, let's say someone selects Florida >> Miami as their group and topic, but it actually should have been California >> Los Angeles.

In a view that contains the standard column Queue Topic > Name (equivalent text mode below), I can change their selected queue topic from Miami to any other queue topic in the system, including Los Angeles. The user who monitors a report for new requests in California will now see the request, because their filter is looking for any/all California queue topics, as opposed to just the California queue topic group.

displayname=VIew/Change Queue Topic








Hopefully that is do-able for your situation!

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Hmm...fair comments, Bill, and I tend to agree, audit/process improvement/good habits wise.

That said, Tracy, I would also be interested to understand the situation that lead you to ask for that ability, if you'd care to elaborate.