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Calculate Total Baselines on a Project Report


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Is there a way to pull the total number of Baselines on a Project report?
I thought about using a calculated field on a project custom form, but I'm not finding much available for Baselines. The API for Baselines makes me think this should be possible.



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Hi @JamesM-MERGE,


Although it might be possible to pull back and enumerate the (many) Baselines created under each Project on a Project report, since the data would come back as a collection, there is no way to then aggregate that number (although you could physically count each item, or perhaps do some fancy "replacing" to create a low-tech "bar" such as ++++ for four, +++ for three, etc.)


A more fruitful approach, I'd suggest, would be to run a Baseline report and group it by Project, which would then show the number of Baselines for each parenthetically after each Project name grouping.





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what interface are you using that has auto complete?