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Builiding a Report from Scorecard.


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Hi, This is my first time posting. I have a create a report that displays numbers from an Custom Form (Issue). I'm trying to display a column that will show project type (within Column View). The source info is located on a scorecard under question 1, and it's a radio button. Support gave me the below string, to put in the column view, but it didn't work. displayname=Scorecard Answer listdelimiter= listmethod=nested(alignmentValues).lists textmode=true type=iterate valueexpression=IF({scoreCardQuestion}.{displayOrder}='1',{scoreCardOption}.{label}) valueformat=HTML

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Hi Nathan, In the better-late-than-never department (or perhaps the soaking-wet-Joe-Flarhety-"Are-You-Marty-McFly?" department), I was curious as to why your Scorecard Answer iteration didn't work: seemed like a reasonable concept, and a relatively straight forward answer from support. I took a look at the "https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/220633507-API-Explorer">API Explorer , searched for the Scorecard object, and then examined each of the tabs and noticed: Fields has an objID, but only a ProjectID and TemplateID, specifically References (similarly) list Project and Template Collections have scoreCardQuestions, which have scoreCardOptions, which have Display Order and Label Fields Search is blank Action is blank From the above, I'd conclude that Scorecards can only be used on Templates and Projects (and in my mind, equate them to the Business Case section of each, through the user interface). From your description, it sounds like you are (were?) trying to gather this Score Card information from within an Issue report. If so, I suspect you'll need to go "up" to the Issue's Project object before you invoke the solution support offered, by adding the "project." prefix. Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore Got Skills? Lend a hand! https://community.workfront.com/participate/unanswered-threads