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Artworker task in Workload balancer not visable when Artworker is assigned


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Hi i have an odd situation going on with workload balancer

We have created a team called Artwork team that are Planners and can create a project from a request and self assign himself to the artwork task. They also get assigned work through our Creative services team

On one particular Project template that he uses, when he assigns himself to the task you cant see it in Workload Manager either on the project or as his team view. If I replicate the task as a second task and add him i can see it in Workload Manager assigned to him, but we cant see it in his workload view

Was wondering if anyone has seen this?


In the image below The project WL balancer is to the left and his to the right you can see at the top of the left side the test task i added and assigned to him yet its not on the right in his view

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I have 2 thoughts:

  1. definitely check settings in WB as they can impact what you see on the screen
  2. check duration of that particular task. Duration set to 0h will result in task not displaying in WB


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Thanks Rafal


I cant see any filter blocking in WB and the duration is 1 Hr in 1d

Oddly if i create another task named the same and set up the same, if i assign the team i can see it in unassigned and if i add this user as assigned i can see it in assigned under his name


Were going to try rebuilding the project template from scratch and this is one of our originals (pre WB) and see.


But any other ideas still welcomed