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Anyone interested in a Zoom meeting to discuss Proof Approval process used for Creative Agencies


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I have been struggling to find the best practice for proof approval with no great solution.

I was hoping maybe a group of us could plan a zoom meeting to discuss what process works best.


1- We have the designer create an automated Internal proof approval that goes to the copywriter/proofreader, Design Supervisor then creative director.

2-Once that is approved by all we have the designer upload a New External proof and send it to the Project Manager.

3-The Project Manager downloads the proof and sends in email to the requestors (we have not taught them the proof approval until we get this process figured out)

4. If changes the PM makes notes in that External proof and it is re-labeled Requestor Revisions and is re-routed though the Internal process again.

5-One re-approved by all a New External proof is loaded for the PM to download again..

We want to get out of using email for this BUT we have strict rules here that the designers & Requestors do not communicate as all info needs to flow through Project Management. We thought we resolved the issue by having the designer upload it as a document and the PM convert to a proof so they were the proof owner but the document is still owned by the designer so they can see all the comments and can access the proof etc. We have a few rogue designers and requestors that defy the rules so we need to find a way that prevents this. But if changes are required we then need to pass it back to the designer and need to make sure the Requestor can't see any of the new comments etc. I know there is the Private stage to prevent the Requestors from seeing anything outside of their stage, but that relies on the PM remembering to check that on every proof. (scary)

Thought I would see if anyone else is struggling with something similar or if anyone has found a better solution. I've already admitted defeat to my Director. I've spent too many hours trying to test solutions with no win.


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Hi Tracy!

Great minds! I hope you do get to chat with other customers about the Workfront Proof questions you have soon.

As a second hopefully helpful option, I did want to make sure you are registered for the upcoming Virtual User Group for the Creative Agencies and Marketing folks that is specifically about Workfront Proof scheduled for August 11.




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We're not quite so strict on designers and requestors not communicating. But do your project managers use automated workflow templates on your proofs?

We have a designer stage on our proof workflow templates, after the requestor's stage - and we set that stage to Private on the template, so project managers don't need to remember to do that.