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Anybody can open previous versions of a proof


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Hi, we are trying to start using Workfront Proof in our book production process. We relied on the permissions set when sharing a proof to block unauthorized users from seeing them. Unfortunately, those permissions don't seem to work. We anticipate that design and editors will use it initially as they work on the initial passes. Once the layouts are done, at whatever version (let's say version 8), we will add the production editor. The production editor then will share that specific version with a proofreader (or copy editor). In theory, both the production editor and the proofreader will only have access to version 8. They will not be able to see the previous version. We can confirm that once they click on the Go to Proof button from the email they got, they indeed only see version 8. BUT, the problem is that there is a way for them to see the previous versions. When they are in the proof they can click on the upper right corner where it lists the project name (in the case of the production editor) or the document name (the proofreader). For the production editor, they go to Document Details and select any previous version and click on Open Proof on the right-hand side. Just like that, they have access to all the comments on those previous versions. The worst is that the proofreader will click on the Document name and will be taken directly to the Document detail page., making it even easier to see previous proofs. Is there a way to deactivate the Open Proof button on the Document Details page?

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