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Any tips or tricks for sharing Calendar reports?


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We've just launched our new Global Events Calendar with a lot of excitement. One of the key selling points was the calendar report that now brings in all events from our global offices into one place. However, the information that one can see just from the calendar "card" that pops up is minimal. I know we can create a custom label for what shows in the calendar, but is there a way to populate more onto the card? We have some people who will not have access into Workfront to see all of the custom form details.


We do have a full report at the bottom of our dashboard that also shows the details, but I am looking for a simple "at a glance" type solution.

Thanks, and Happy Monday!


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Hi Heather,

Congrats on a new calendar! Pulling everything together in one place can be super difficult, so that's a huge achievement. I'm not the expert on calendars, so maybe someone has found a way to display more on that pop-up... but just in case I know that @Eden Wen‚ is doing some research about calendars right now and she might be able to pull this use case in if you haven't already shared your ideas with her.



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Thanks for your post! Currently we don't have an "at a glance" solution, but this is something other customers have also brought up so it is on my "list" of things to explore when it comes to designing a solution, especially for those external folks you're sharing the calendar with.