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Adding Custom Percentage Complete Column


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I am trying to figure out how to add a percentage complete column at the project level based on Actual Project Hours versus Planned Project Hours.

This would be different than the regular built-in percentage complete, which doesn't work for us based on the way we set up our projects.

For example, if the total planned project hours is 100 and the actual project hours is 70, the remaining hours are 30, so the percentage complete is 70%, so I am looking for simple text needed to represent the 70% calculation.



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Hi khryc, 


If I understand your question and the example you showed, you want to see how much of the Planned hours you used when a project is complete. Is that correct?


You could write text mode as the following. 

displayname=Act vs Pln Hours %


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That is exactly what I was looking for...thanks so much

Would you be able to just show me how I can display the % sign in my results? it currently just shows the number.


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That's great!


When I originally added the text expression, I think I had the "%" on the wrong side of the 2nd closed parenthesis. It should be accurate now. You can copy the code as it is now and it should show the percent in the results. 


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