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Hey folks,

Here's the deal. I've spent the better part of the last six years fine-tuning the tools and methods to operating a Workfront Center of Excellence (WFCOE) at Truist and dang have we learned a lot about what to do and not to do. Now that we have a core team of administrators supporting over a hundred workflows and configurations, multiple group administrators in various business units, and over 1600 (whew!) users logged in just in the past month, it's clear that this Workfront instance is taking off like a rocket ship at the bank. From Marketing to Mortgage, Data Governance to Risk, Marketing to Insurance Holdings, we're configuring solutions for them all and we aren't slowing down. And now leadership wants to know how we support so much with such a small team. It's all about the WFCOE baby!

So what's a WFCOE really about? It's about combining the right tools with methods to rapidly expand the Workfront footprint within an organization, to get people communicating and collaborating efficiently & consistently and not wasting time falling down the same pitfalls over and over again. In summary, we've figured out what is truly needed to do this right.

The components of a WFCOE boil down to a few basic capabilities:

  • Solution Projects with standard methods for Story Development, Artifact Tracking, Core Configuration and Change Management
  • Work and Access Request Queues
  • User Administration Tools
  • Configuration Tools
  • User Experience Tools
  • Standard Work Management Tools
  • Access Request Fulfillment Tools
  • Governance

But just listing these things out, or even trying to explain them from a slide show really doesn't cut it when we need to get work done and we need tools right now. And this folks is why I'm ready to unleash the beast and share the WFCOE with the community of Workfront users as a free, yes FREE, package. That's right, everything needed to setup and operate a WFCOE is now going to be available to install with a single click, courtesy of AtAppStore's packaging technology. Now don't get ahead of yourselves, there are certainly punch list items to complete after the installation. However, within an hour or two, each and every user of every instance of Workfront out there can have these tools at their fingertips.

Why free? Because I feel that when you stumble across something that will be truly helpful to other humans, you don't charge for it. Instead, you share it so they too can improve their lives and personal well being. And trust me, without these tools, I'd surely have lost my mind completely chasing work and configuration all over the place, which I'm sure many of you are still experiencing.

For a sneak peek before the package is officially published, join the weekly WFPro call this Friday and see what it's all about. Conflict resolution, collaboration and communication is what we need more than anything across organizations and the WFCOE from WFPro is the way to go!

Join GoToMeeting @ 3PM Eastern this Friday https://www.gotomeet.me/wfpro


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