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Would like to see Workfront handle estimates not just expenses


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Workfront has great capabilities for inputing and tracking expenses but is very lacking currently when it comes to estimates. I'd like to see the capability to keep track of estimates and export estimate signoff documents in the system without having to do a massive amount of custom configuring and Fusion workflows.


Why is this feature important to you: It's important for us to keep track of estimates, not just expenses, so we have the ability to reconcile the expenses with the estimates. We also require signoff for our estimates do a formal document is beneficial. Currently much of this is happening outside of Workfront through emails and manual calculations. It would be extremely beneficial for this be handled within Workfront so everything stays with the project and calculations are not being done manually.


How would you like the feature to work:

A specific use case is as follows.

  1. Production Manager is tasked with getting an estimate for some premium items
  2. Production Manager gets several options and per piece costs for each
  3. Production Manager is able to enter several quantities in for each item and the system calculates the total for each quantity based on the per piece cost.
  4. A formal estimate document can be exported and saved to documents folder to be sent to client for signoff.
  5. When estimate is signed off on the Production Manager is then able to finalize the details for an expense and reconcile the expense against the estimate.

Current Behaviour:

Currently Workfront is set up to handle expenses. If there are multiple quantities being estimated each quantity is entered as a separate expense which is a lot of extra manual work. Also if we have per piece costs we are manually calculating those costs which leaves greater room for error. Also, there is no mechanism currently for exporting a formal estimate document from the expense. We were able to build something using Fusion but its not an ideal fix.