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Workload Balancer Bulk Assignment by Role needs to list users associated with role


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Description - Update the Workload Balancer Bulk Assignments tool so that it functions the same way that the Scheduler Assignments tools does so that when a role is selected the drop down list populates with all (and ONLY) the users associated with the role. The current 'Smart Assignments' tool does not work as well.

Why is this feature important to youIt seems small, but the original function to display the users associated to the roles is key to why the roles are assigned in Workflow templates in the first place. Only displaying recent assignments does not help owners see  when the list of workers associated with roles changes (like when new users are added or when users change roles). It also no longer provides the crucial support to new owners who will not have assigned anyone at first or know the team well enough to just know what users associate to what role. So, this change takes away a big part of what made that tool so valuable. 

How would you like the feature to work - When a role is selected the drop down list populates with all (and ONLY) the users associated with the role. If 'Smart Assignments is desired, it should simply order the recent assignments at the top of the list although I personally think alphabetical is still the best option.

Current Behaviour In the Project level Workload balancer tool for Bulk Assigning tasks, the Assign User action is no longer populating the User list to assign based on the Task Role assignment selected the way that the Scheduler Assignments tool worked.

NOTE: Tech Support confirmed this is not a "bug" so this idea submission is required for an update to be made:

After reviewing our documentation here, the user list is not specifically designed to pre-populate with users who fit the role assignment. Instead, it follows the criteria for smart assignments, as listed below:See full article: Smart Assignments Overview

In other words, if no users are populating when attempting to bulk assign a specific task role, it likely means that the logged-in user has not assigned anyone with that role in the past 30 days. One way you can test this is to manually assign a user with that specific role to any task, and then go back to the bulk-assign tool. You should now see that the user pre-populates in the list as expected. 




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@Charleigh_Loder I have also experienced this issue and raised a ticket and got told the same as you.
We have users with multiple roles, users only appear in their primary role. I have to type their name every time I want to assign tasks in their different roles. This worked previously in Scheduler.
I don't think the smart assignments are working correctly either as I have assigned users but then the next time I go in they don't show up.


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Very thorough idea write-up, @Charleigh_Loder. I wholeheartedly agree. I specifically want to see user names show when I'm attempting to assign a role that is not their primary role.