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Workload Balancer - Ability to assign multiple tasks to user or team


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Currently when you are in Workload Balancer at the project level, if you want to filter by a job role and assign tasks for that role to a user or team, you have to assign the tasks one at a time. This is time consuming and it would be really helpful to have the ability to assign multiple tasks to a user or team.



Level 2


Adding to this post - as we have discovered the plan is to eliminate the scheduling tool and it features in the near future; being replaced by the Workload Balancer. In doing so, we will loose our ability to use the "actions" functions currently available via the scheduling tool for "mass" assigning of tasks based on established roles in our schedules/templates (as well as swapping and un-assigning users). Instead of having the ability to mass assign an individual based on an assigned role for all select tasks throughout the entire schedule., we will now have to manually assign each task individually throughout the entire schedule (which could include 50+ tasks in a single project -- extremely time consuming). This functionality is also helpful when needing to re-assign tasks in mass when individuals leave, moving all pending task assignments to another individual for completion at that time.

This functionality must be kept in order to assign / re-assign our work in mass timely for the projects we are creating for completion in the system.


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Losing the ability to easily bulk assign using actions in the scheduler on a 400 line schedule is going to create a huge disparity in the time it takes for us to staff a project. Feels like we are going backwards in functionality.