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Workfront Proof (PHQ): Robust Reporting


Level 10


Possible this is redundant to other proof ideas, but can't always tell what is for the built-in proof vs. Workfront Proof (formerly Proof HQ); this is for the latter:

We need more robust reporting back to Workfront. Things like:

  1. Current Stage Name
  2. Current Stage Start Date
  3. Current Stage Due Date
  4. Any previous stages and their name, start date, and complete/lock dates
  5. A true "complete" status (vs. the vaguer idea of a "lock") for the entire review/routing. And make this complete/lock information reportable.

The idea is that when a project manager (proof owner) has dozens of routings multiplied by 6-12 reviewers each that they should be able to have a report/dashboard that can report back robust information without diving into each individual project/task/document.



Level 1


We’d like functionality added to the proof reporting:

• Allow for filtering the information (By Group/Office; By Client/Brand)

• Group the data for better analytics (By Group/Office; By Client/Brand; By Year/Month)