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Workfront New User Training: Update Ascent for NWE


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Workfront Ascent is being deprecated along with Classic, which is a major issue for customers that want to make Workfront trainings trackable.

  1. Learning Paths for NWE on Workfront One are not trackable.
  2. Ascent allowed for trackability of training assignments, but is being deprecated.

Not enough room in current workaround section, so including details below:

  • Created a project template for Learning Paths on Workfront One that are required for onboarding new users.
  • Implementation Project Manager must manually assign Global Training, License Type Training, Proof Training, and sometimes Resource Management Training.
  • Created new report to track training assignment project status.
  • 581 training assignments have been manually assigned to date, causing the Implementation Project Manager to check the report every morning and locate projects that have been completed to manually trigger the next training project in the series (ie. Global is completed, trigger License Type training). This is 5 hours/week that the PM could be spending on other work.

Proposed solution:

  • Add NWE trainings to Ascent and do not deprecate. This provides trackability of onboarding new users and removes workaround.
  • System Admin to be overarching Manager of all users in Ascent to monitor training as required (alongside standard process of team manager having visibility).
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