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Visibility of Global Navigation Bar and Project Header when scrolling


Level 6


Would love it if the global navigation bar and project summary/header area would stay put at the top when scrolling down the list of tasks. Sometimes I toggle between projects that are on the same timeline and I compare where I am with some of the same tasks, but I don't know which project is which because it scrolls away when I scroll down.

I'm not sure if I put this under the right topic, but I figured Projects since that is where I notice I need that info the most.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.



Level 4


I've just asked our WF CSM, and our EMEA & NASA account managers to promote this with other WF customers to hopefully increase the vote count.


Level 10


Hi - I agree that it would be useful but only if the project name header info shrinks down into a single line when you scroll. It would cripple us if the top half of the screen remained fixed in place permanently and you can only scroll the task list in the bottom half (especially on smaller laptop screens). If Workfront were to revert to giving us only half the screen to use, we would be moving to a different project management system.


Level 1



I agree with David Cornwell. Having the Project Name Header info available would be great but it definitely needs to be shrunk as you scroll down to be able to see/work with the project plan.