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Validate Team Access for Add to Iteration function from Project


Level 2


The system currently allows anyone with manage access to a project the ability to add a task directly to ANY open Iterations.  There isn't any validation on whether the user has access to the Team.  This also bypasses the backlog grooming/refining processes for Scrum.  The team should be the ones to decide what is added to an Iteration (Sprint)

Why is this feature important to you -

The current process does not validate if the user has access to the Team.  This means anyone can directly add stories to an iteration.  This bypasses the formal process of adding a story to a teams backlog and the team determining what stories are added to an Iteration (Sprint).


How would you like the feature to work -
Ideally, the system would not allow the direct add of stories to an Iteration from a Project view, or at minimum validate that the user has access to that Team and only show iterations for the teams the user has access to.


Current Behavior -
Currently, the system allows anyone with manage access to a project to add a task(story) to ANY open Iteration.
"You can add any task or issue to any iteration if you have Manage access to the project."