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User Profiles: Add more filters and search options to get better results (and fix documentation sidebar as a side note)


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Description - What I was looking for today was an option to select Accepted Solutions when in a user profile, like RandyRoberts for example, to see all of their accepted solutions to see if any of them might be helpful. There are a lot of limitations on filtering and searches that make it a challenge to effectively browse popular and useful posts. I have tried using AI to search as well, but it usually can't navigate the Adobe sites either. 


And I hate the latest update to Adobe Documentation with every menu hidden until you hit the drop-down arrows. It makes it really hard to peruse it and scan for what I want. 

Why is this feature important to you - Make information easier to obtain as the users' responses are often the best resources out there since the documentation is very limited and even harder to navigate. 


How would you like the feature to work - Add more filters to searches and within user profiles. Allow multiple filters to be chosen, like most replies/likes within 1 year. 


Current Behaviour - Very limited options