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User Profile - Add pronoun preference


Level 4


I would like to be able to associate the user's preferred pronoun in their profile. I'd like it to be a field that the user can change on their own in case it changes like how they can currently change their name. This would be helpful in communicating with the users and when users communicate to each other and use the correct pronoun.



Level 9


I agree with this. I would also like to be able to have a preferred name as well. We have many users in Asia Pacific region that would rather a preferred nickname and our SSO isn't allowing that currently. This would help with communication for sure.


Level 3


I'm with Mary on this. It would be great to have a separate out of the box" field for this. I can add she/her to the end of my last name, but then when I go to do reporting, that really adds a lot of text, and for some with really long names, it makes the reporting look very clunky.


Level 1


Hello!!  Has there been any progress on this incredible suggestion?  I'm trying to find a way to add my pronouns to my Adobe account so that whenever I log it, they are automatically attached to my name.