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Deactivate New User Adds in WF once User Management is in Admin Console


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Description - Once User Management is within Admin Console, all Users should be set-up here. However, currently the ability to add new Users will still be within Workfront. This creates a risk of profiles not being set-up properly and being out-of-sync with what is in Admin Console. There should be an ability to de-activate new user adds in WF (once moving to Admin Console) and instead, if someone navigates to the 'new user' section, it should show a note with a direct link indicating New User Management needs to be done in Admin Console.


Why is this feature important to you - User management is core to product management & we do not want 2 different places for setting up users that could cause out-of-sync information. When a user is created in WF and automatically pushed to Admin Console, it pulls the users email name as their Username. This creates an Incorrect profile for our company in Admin Console, because our Admin Console user names need to be set up with SSO (Federated IDs) for users to have any product access. 


How would you like the feature to work - Ability for a System Admin to turn off the ability for others to Add Users via Workfront & instead are re-directed with a note to Admin Console for user management.