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Update Stream: Tagging transparency


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Not tagging a person on a update and going back and relying to that comment a week later makes it look like the person has been tagged on both comments.

It allow a person to come back and say"this person was tagged the whole time"

The user should know exactly who was tagged on each individual comment. This will hold people accountable foe tagging the appropriate people at the time of the comment.

Attached a snapshot from a ticket I opened. Was asked to put this into Idea Exchange but I think that 18.1 release and before worked differently then it does in 18.2



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This is continuing to be an issue for our organization and the vendors we partner with. We are missing comments and delaying projects. Please fix this!


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Same here! We have been asking for this since August and this is still just under consideration? I don't think any of us asked for this when the updates stream was changed, and I was told that updates was changing to this view to make room for future improvements, but honestly so far there hasn't been anything that really improved the experience for our users. We have only had issues with it, and the updates feed was one of the things we didn't really have so many issues with before it was changed (although we've asked for lots of other things to change). Could we please at least get an update?


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Hi everyone! Here is an update from WF support:

"In reading through that Community post and checking in with the team, it appears this was an oversight, and it is on the Product roadmap to be fixed. There is no ETA at the moment. The tentative plan is to have this implemented as part of the 19.1 Release, but that is not for certain. But, I wanted to let you both know that this will indeed be resolved by a future story!"

*I then asked about an estimated date.*

"The final date has not yet been confirmed, however, once finalized, we will send you an email. More than likely it will happen around first quarter of 2019 as we typically have 3 releases each year."

*I followed up asking why this is taking so long since it's been a Community issue since July 31.*

"I cannot say for certain, as I do not work directly with our Product team on what is to be released, however, I know this is a pressing issue for a lot of our customers based on the feedback from Community, so they are making an effort to get this done. More than likely, all plans were set for 18.3 when this was brought to our attention, so we are going to try and incorporate it into the next release."


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I just had a user ask me about why she wasn't receiving notifications on updates; we both thought she was tagged in the original update the whole time but now I have a feeling that she was only tagged on the reply. This is definitely causing confusion.

For organizations that use Workfront as an audit trail/record for communications this is a HUGE issue.


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I contacted support about this. They have not announced a release date yet. They recommend subscribing to this post so we receive any future updates on progress.