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Update Stream: Tagging transparency


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Not tagging a person on a update and going back and relying to that comment a week later makes it look like the person has been tagged on both comments.

It allow a person to come back and say"this person was tagged the whole time"

The user should know exactly who was tagged on each individual comment. This will hold people accountable foe tagging the appropriate people at the time of the comment.

Attached a snapshot from a ticket I opened. Was asked to put this into Idea Exchange but I think that 18.1 release and before worked differently then it does in 18.2



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We so need this for our instance. It's hard to hold people accountable when 1) they can turn off the directed notifications and 2) when they deny they got it (even if they did).

I also wish that WF could send a copy of the notification to the person who sent it so THEY have the proof that the email was generated to those individuals.


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Please upvote this related idea!


Currently, when I post an update to a project, I can tag someone in a directed update.

I wish there was a way to get ccd on the WF email notification to the people I included in a directed update so I know who the email was sent to. That way, if someone who turned off their email notifications SHOULD have gotten the update, but didn't, I would see that they were NOT included in the email update.

Currently there is no receipt that an update was sent to someone, and if WF is not tracking the recipients of each update (response or new), there is no record that the notification was sent.