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UI: Task Indentation


Level 5


The alignment of tasks with subtasks has always been off in Workfront and it makes it hard to see the work breakdown structure.

Its hard to see the parent-child relationship. Here's a video with audio showing you the before-and-after: http://screencast.com/t/tecYEdvPYm

This is a UI-only change to the CSS. See below.


.indentable-table [collapselevel='0'].collapsible [valuefield=name] img.parent { left: 4px; }
.indentable-table .collapsible td[valuefield=name] img.parent { left: 5px; }
.indentable-table .collapsible td[valuefield=name] .inner-cell { margin-left: 18px; }


.indentable-table [collapselevel='0'].collapsible [valuefield=name] img.parent { }
.indentable-table .collapsible td[valuefield=name] img.parent { left: -10px; }
.indentable-table .collapsible td[valuefield=name] .inner-cell { margin-left: 0px; }



Level 2


YES please! I would also like to see a slight color shading on subtasks to help visually indicate groups. But the indentation is a major UI issue right now. Will happily help beta test this.


Level 10


This would really help....it would also be super nice if:

1) The indentations were maintained when exporting to excel.

2) When you move tasks that become children of other tasks. The WBS on the moved tasks update immediately, if you have the WBS displayed on your view. However, the indentation doesn't actually occur until you refresh (F5) your browser. Why, I don't know; it creates some confusion with our PMs. Would like to see the indentation happen at the same time the WBS is getting updated.


Level 4


Hello, all,

Thank you for submitting, voting and commenting on this idea. I am glad to inform you, that we are planning some usability improvements on lists, and fixing the task alignment is one of the changes we intend to have in scope of that initiative.




Level 4


Hey, all,

I'm glad to inform that we've released an updated version of task lists to Preview, which includes the requested indentation improvements. Please take a few minutes to check it and let us know what you think. You can leave your feedback via "Give Feedback" button above the task lists on Preview or you can also schedule a 30-minute call with me via this link to discuss the changes in more detail.