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Typeahead to support Task Object or issues


Level 5


Description - Extend Typeahead to allow selecting tasks or issues. 

Why is this feature important to you - I wish to use a project and for admins to add tasks to represent options that can be selected in the typeahead. This allows for a dynamic addition of values to the custom field being maintained outside of the custom fields. These tasks/issues could then have a custom form on them that could be used in the Filter of the Typeahead. My filter would then filter to just that project and show only tasks in a specific condition. The project would be lock to a limited number of folks who could add new items and mark items wit a status.

How would you like the feature to work - See description

Current Behaviour - Other Objects are allowed to be used in typeaheads. This functionality would be fine.

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Level 10


Hi @GrahamJarrett 

This will be a great value adding functionality, because of customised field from forms can be easily pulled in most of view. The best will be in report and dashboard.