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Translatable custom field labels in Workfront


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Description - The abililty to translate the labels associated with custom fields so that when the user is displaying Workfront interface in a browser set to, for example, Chinese-Traditional, we can show them labels that they can read. Currently it appears they can only be displayed in a single language.

Why is this feature important to you - We have Workfront deployed globally and manage all of our services centrally. It is important that our clients can view Custom Forms and Fields in the languages that they natively speak, read and write, to ensure that we get high quality intake.

How would you like the feature to work - In the "Edit Custom Field" popup, add a new button that enables another popup to appear where translations can be managed by language. They will then surface in the front end depending on browser language, like the main Workfront UI does.

Current Behaviour - Labels can only be displayed in a single language and for complex labels like Checkboxes, there is not enough space to list all languages.

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Following this idea.
This is something we would also like implemented. We are currently investigating how to make our Workfront forms user-friendly for our users (we are a global company). 

This idea as written above would work for us, or if there was a repository where we could 'house' field mappings and use them as a reference when users enable Workfront in their native language. 

  • upload a CVS file with connecting field values with their translated counterpart 
  • each language would have its own CSV
  • when a user selects the language it then references the file associated with that language to translate the fields and any values associated with the fields