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Title on user's profile page


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Description - When you open a user's profile page in Workfront, you would see their title on top. This title is not necessarily associated with the work they perfom within Workfront. Meaning I could be a senior manager but my job in Workfront is to strategize campaign so my role is Strategic Marketer. It would make more sense to have the job roloe show up instead of my title

Why is this feature important to you - This way the admins do not need to keep updating the user titles are they switch roles.

How would you like the feature to work - Another way could be to just hide the title from the profile page so user's cannot see it.

Current Behaviour - Currently we see the title on top of the user name and it is a manual task where the admin team will need to go into each profile and match the title to their current title in the org. Since we do not get notified about this unless the user themselves come and tell us or else the admin team will need to put a weekly/monthly process in ploace to make such changes proactively. 

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I would disagree. For us, Roles are a financial abstraction. Our titles matter more at an account level, and roles more often confuse people or get them worked-up because their role does not reflect their "station." Roles are fine within the project assignments, but not when listing a user's account info.