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Timesheet Reminder Notifications - Improve Trigger Timing


Level 7


The current reminder notifications are almost impossible to set up correctly.

Current Reminder Notification Settings Panel.


We propose Workfront use the existing "Send Report - Repeating Deliveries" functionality and add this to the timesheet notification reminder settings panel.

Proposed Reminder Notification Settings Panel.


This would allow the user to set repeatable notifications that trigger at a set time based on the criteria (respecting the System Locale). For example, a task passed its completion date will trigger a custom reminder notification daily at 12:00 GMT. A timesheet user has not submitted their timesheet will receive a weekly reminder on Monday morning, 10:00 AM GMT until they have completed their timesheets.



Level 2


I agree that this would be super useful for our company as well. On Mon morning , Workfront automatically sends hours reports to all managers displaying the hours logged for their direct reports from the previous week. Currently we have to send a workaround notification outside of the system to team members to remind them to log their time for that week. We send this reminder on Friday afternoon at a specific time; therefore, this enhancement to the custom reminders would allow us to set this process up in Workfront, rather than outside of the system. More granular timing parameters would be extremely helpful for us, as we distribute timesheets monthly; however, we send the manager hours reports weekly, because leadership wants to see who is not compliant with logging time in Workfront on a weekly basis.



Agree that the timesheet reminder functionality needs an improvement. Not only improving the method in which admins can schedule timesheet reminders but also force the reminder notifications to be applied to existing open timesheets right away...not wait for the newly generated timesheets to be created.