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Time-off not dependent on time zone entered/viewed in


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Our Creative team works across PST all the way to GMT. A user's time off will be seen differently depending on the time zone of the user who entered it and the user who is viewing it. This is very confusing for the users, as a Friday off in California would still be a Friday off in London, for example.

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We are struggling with this issue as well. We have been told by Workfront that this issue is related to both the user's browser time zone setting plus the user's Workfront profile time zone setting. While we can change the user's Workfront profile time zone setting, we are unable to change their browser time zone setting due to the impact on other areas of their work. Workfront Engineering agrees that this is not an intuitive behavior and would require resources dedicated to changing it.

Here is another related idea in the exchange. Perhaps upvoting it as well may help get this initiative on the Workfront Engineering roadmap.