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Tasks with Multiple Assignments(User and Team)


Level 1


Description -

Has there been any discussion around having the "done with my part" added on tasks when there are users and another team(that the user isnt apart of) assigned? Currently if a user and another team is assigned the only option for the user is to mark the task completely done if someone from the other team has not been assigned yet, thus only half of the task actually was completed thus resulting in confusion and rework.


Why is this feature important to you -

This has been causing some confusion for some of our users if they complete a task but someone from the other team assigned has not been assigned for their portion of the task


How would you like the feature to work -

To have a task known when there is a team assigned and ensuring that someone from that team is assigned to work on the task so that "Done with my part" would populate


Current Behaviour -

If a user completes their portion of the task before a someone from the other assigned team has been assigned to the task, the only option is to mark done on the task completely when the task has not been completed fully.