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Tasks assigned to Teams - specify if only one or all must work on it


Level 6


Idea is that if a Team is assigned to a task it must be possible to specify if only one team member or all shall contribute.



Level 4


Tanja, I make the assumption that if I assign a task to a Team that someone from the Team (1 person) will accept and work on the task. If I specifically want more than one person to work on a task, then instead of assigning to a Team, I assign to those specific people. So, for my team, it's an assumption when assigning to a Team that only one person will accept to work on the task. If you want everyone to contribute, consider assiging to those individuals and not the Team.


Level 2


We often have a task that we need everyone on the team to work on. For large teams, manually adding every individual is inefficient. We need a better approach to mass assign people to tasks. This seems like a great approach!