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Task Status Change when using "Work on it" Feature


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The status of a task should automatically change to In Progress when I user decides to work on it and selects that button in My Work Requests. At least allow to have that functionality in setup to turn on and off.



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Agreed! It would be wonderful to have a setting to allow the moment "Work On It' button is clicked, the status changed to 'In progress'.


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This would be a BIG help because of the issue of people not changing a task to "In Progress" even when they have begun work on it.

@Charles makes good points above.


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This would be very handy for us as well. It would be nice to have a setting in the setup area of WorkFront which would allow me to choose which status would be set if a user works on an incident. We would like to have the ability for the status to change to Assigned when a person choose to Work on it, as we are looking to track metrics based on assigned to closure times. If the status stays on New and nobody changes it, the metric does not get tracked properly.


Level 6


Was there feedback somewhere that I'm just missing on why this was marked as "Not Planned"? I'm seeing some that had a large number of votes and were marked "Not Planned" but I don't always see why. This seems like something that should naturally happen. Considering when you sort by votes in the My Work section (granted I know it's technically moving toward "My Home"), out of the top 7, 5 were marked "Not Planned" and the other two are only "Under Consideration" and all are over the 45 vote threshold, it makes this whole idea exchange thing seem very discouraging.


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when multiple people are assigned to a task if someone clicks work on it the task should turn into in-progress, when it is sent back go to new again... this just shows someone is actively agreeing to look into the task, work on it next, and if they can't they can just send it back. Right now when there are more than one person on a task status is not changing so how does the other team members know someone is working on the task...