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Tag typeahead field type


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Give us the ability to create our own type ahead fields that allow users to add options, similar to a tag field in a CMS.



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Similar/earlier post of same request: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSQvAAO/detail

Adding commentary with additional context in hopes this thread surfaces in future search results by other users; and will copy it on the other submission.

I think "typehead" is a misnomer for what is needed; because what's needed would be a different functionality than the existing typeahead object (limited to one value only).

We want the ability to tag keywords or metadata to a wide assortment of object types, including projects, documents, issues, notes, users, and more. This can currently be done as a hack in some object types using a hashtag and text string combo that can be searched against, but it requires the user to remember what those codes are, different object types get the keywords applied to different parameters, and it's a very "hacky" solution. Would love to have this experience formalized and made consistent across multiple object types.

Graphic added for visual reference.



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Our organization needs to be able to Tag items at any level.



Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Tasks, and Requests.

- Filters

- Reports

- Views

- Fusion automations



Others have it: Asana, Percolate, DevOps, and many more. Why doesn't Workfront have it?



- Recommend that tags are not centrally managed but can be challenged to be removed or combined with other tags.

- No ability to remove tags that are in use but they can be mass changed to a different tag if the option is available.

- Deletion of an unused tag would require the creator to approve

- No mix of uppercase and lowercase of the same word/phrase. All lowercase or All uppercase.

- Unused tags that are over 90 days old will be removed automatically