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Tab Functionality within Updates


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If we're typing a new update, then want to jump down to the notify box we used to be able to hit tab and jump straight into that box and begin typing a name.

But now if we're typing an update and hit tab, it goes to the text formatting buttons, and we have to tab through all of those before it moves on to the Notify box.

I questioned whether this is working as designed with support and received the following response:

"I've heard back from the product team that works in this area of the product. They informed me that the behavior with the tab key is a side-effect of some recent enhancements made to the updates feed. At this time, the team is considering this to be working as designed, but they did mention that they are still in the process of updating and auditing this area of the product. So although this is the current functionality, we may see the tab ordering change in the near future."

Just seems counter-intuitive and inefficient. Our project managers use the Notify box a lot and find it frustrating.



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Agree. I rather have to click on the formatting icons (which I don't use all the time) than click on the notify box (which I use every time).


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One of my users also just pointed out that this is a serious accessibility issue. It greatly inhibits users who have trouble with mice and are more reliant on keyboards.