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Sum Line on Workload Balancer & Daily View on Planner


Level 4


Description - Update Resourcing Tool under Planner and Workload Balancer for better visibility of hours comparison on a daily basis and by individuals. 

Why is this feature important to you - Want to see total planned for Unassigned and Assigned tasks in Workload Balancer for resource forecasting & planning. Want to see Daily View on Planner for resource planning by day. Resource managers need the ability to see the difference between total planned hours for the day and total available hours for the day. Adding either a sum line on the Workload Balancer or a Daily view on the Planner would give resource managers that ability for hours comparison.

How would you like the feature to work - Add a daily column option to the Week/Month/Quarter options on the Planner. Add a line that sums together planned hours at the top of Unassigned Tasks and at the top of Assigned Tasks in the Workload Balancer view. 

Current Behaviour - Planner only shows Week/Month/Quarter options. Workload Balancer only shows hours by individual task or user. 

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