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Smart tagging users in updates


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Description - When I compose and update and use @ sign I would love for Workfront to suggest to me, e.g. users I tag the most, users related to given task/issue/project: entered by, sponsor, resource manager, last updated by etc. handful of names that I most likely want to inform about something.

Why is this feature important to you - this would add a bit of efficiency in way updates are being composed in Workfront

How would you like the feature to work - smart suggestions, similar to the way they work when making assignment, but for different purpose (sending and update), so the target group of users would be different

Current Behaviour - no smart suggestions aside from narrowing down results (names of users) as I continue to type the name

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I agree with this AND would potentially like to be able to control what pulls in to the options in the first place.


IE- All of our "clients" are automatically added as external users to Workfront as we send them proofs; BUT we don't need to communicate with them via updates in any way as they don't actually have access to our system. I would like to be able to keep these users filtered out of the options to update all together so that we 1) don't have to scroll through their names, and 2) don't accidently tag someone who doesn't have system access.