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Skip Task in Workflow Template


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We often have projects where specific tasks in the workflow are not always needed or we may discovered they are needed half-way through a project. In these cases, we would like the ability to have pre-set steps in our Workflow template that would only be activated when needed. For instance, we sometimes receive a request for a product that may need committee approval. This task is not always needed but if we add this task into the Workflow template then it is automatically activated when applied. The user has to delete the task when setting up the project which then causes some additional rework for the predecessors and tasks. At times we have gone through the work of removing the task to then find out it is needed later on in the process. We then have to enter a new task and update all the predecessors again. It would save time, effort, and allow for consistency in the task naming if the task could simply remain but be activated when needed. If skipped it would not calculate into the overall timeline and would simply be passed by in the predecessors. This was a feature in our old software and was used frequently.