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Show the correct time of the time posting (Timesheet)


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Description - We have the following Issues:
I raised this ticket here (Case #00337225) and was told that there is no solution at the moment, so I am putting this on record. This is an important issue because without this we don't know if the user logged into the system today and put in hours on past dates.

1 - In the user updates it does not show on which date I posted the timesheet, it only shows me the update from when I attributed the hours.
See, for example, I log into the Timesheet and fill in information from previous days, still in the example, Let's suppose I logged in today (October 21) and filled in hours from October 10.
What happens today is that I don't have a clear view of when the user added those hours. Because the system shows me that the user logged into the timesheet on today's date, but does not tell me which dates he actually filled in. Is that clear to you? (attached screenshot of what I am saying)

2 - The second issue is that when we post hours in the "General Hour" topics, which are: sick, vacation and etc... The system, besides not returning to me the real date that I filled that field, does not return to me the Hour Type name.


Why is this feature important to you - is important, because then we will know the right time that the user posted his or her hours. 

How would you like the feature to work -That it is possible to check by user updates and have this field available in the report

Current Behaviour - Currently, we do not have this information and we are unable to verify which moment (date/time) the user posted the time.