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Setting Default Time For New Tasks and Requests


Level 5


There should be an option in Setup under "New Task Defaults", "When I create a new task, set the...." where you can set a time next to "Today". Currently, if you have that option selected, when you create a new task, it defaults to today and the time that you created the task. This tends to mess up the flow of the rest of your tasks, because every subsequent task now starts at that same time instead of at the beginning of the day. If you could set a time next to the "Today" option, such as "9:00am", then every time you create a new task in your project or attach a template, the first task will always default to today's date at 9am.

Additionally, it would be great if you could set this same functionality for requests. Currently, when you convert a request into a task or project, you have to manually change the planned start date and time, and there is no option in Setup to change this. The default is for the date/time that the request was submitted.