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Separate Companies, Groups, and Teams in Additional Restrictions


Level 10


We love the idea of restricting someone to only see companies or groups they belong to. However, we have an issue with teams because then they cannot assign work to the team either.

Example: Group is ABC and we only want people in ABC to see ABC stuff. But currently that also restricts them on the team level so someone on my PM team cannot assign work to the Studio or QA team.



Level 4


I agree. I think this is a critical issue. When you have a PM who has to assign to multiple teams (most typically in marketing environments), they have to be added to every team, which then means they see all of the team communications, updates, etc.


Level 8


So this could be resolved by

a) Letting someone belong to more than one Company or;

b) Associating Companies with groups (like statuses and approval processes are)