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Send Notifications based on triggers in the project (ie a task is planned to be started/completed)


Level 4


We would really like the ability to have tasks trigger certain emails. For example, if a task is planned to begin, we can set a rule to say X days before that planned start date/finish date, send an email notification to this group of people. Thank you!



Level 2


I agree 1000%. I just closed a ticket with Support because while admins are given the ability to set trigger notifications based on criteria (i.e. 1 hour before Planned Start date), the system doesn't allow for those triggers to fire when requested. The only guarantee is that the notification will fire in the next 24 hours--which makes the trigger notification based on criteria completely null and void.


Level 7


Agreed. We would like to be able to setup a notification to specific users once a document is attached to a specific task in a project template. We don't want the global notification on - just this particular use case. Task trigger emails would greatly help.


Level 2


I agree as well. We would like to be able to send notifications, not just based upon status changes, but on anything such as upon hitting 21 days into a project, send a notification to a certain manager. This would be much more powerful than the current Approval system that only allows approval notifications based upon status changes.


Level 10


Agreed. But would like to see the functionality expanded for that PMs would have more control over individual projects to have varying degrees of notifications based on several different parameters. For example, for some of their higher priority projects, they may want to receive more notifications that are date, status, or comment based and for lower priority project receive fewer notifications.