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Send directed Updates from within ProofHQ


Level 8


Ability to direct a comment to an individual from the Proof (like the functionality within the current Updates section of Workfront). This is an optimal experience as it limits clicks by the commenter and allows better focused context for the end user(s).



Level 4


When researching, it says it can send a comment to anyone who has opened the proof. The problem we have with that is if you need to send a comment to someone before they've opened it. It would be nice if it could pick up the names from Workfront's People list instead of only those that opened it.


Level 1


I agree with Brian and have requested this in the past.
Tagging other users on proofs regardless of wether they are part of the proofing team would be extremely useful.
As it stands, you have to come out of the proof and tag the person on the Update section of Workfront.
Not very time efficient!