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Row Height/Functionality Customizations


Level 4


Description - Allow users the opportunity to configure the row heights and column wrap/unwrap function on tasks/views. 

Why is this feature important to you - When there are a lot of updates on a task it's visually overwhelming and requires a lot of scrolling by the user.

How would you like the feature to work - Give users the opportunity to set the number of lines for a row like in Outlook views, adjust the row height by dragging the grid line or right-clicking on the row and entering a numerical value, plus enable wrap/unwrap functionality on a column like in Excel. Have a visual indicator like an ellipsis so the user knows there's more information in that field than is being displayed. Use hover text functionality so that when a user hovers over that field, the hover box appears with the entire field contents.

Current Behaviour - We can only adjust a column width so there's a lot of scrolling. 

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Level 10


Currently there is a lot you can do with truncating and linking to the original with textmode, but it should be a lot easier, I agree.