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Restrict Pictures in Updates for users without documents access


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Description - Users with access level restrictions that don't allow them to access documents in Workfront (upload/download) should not be allowed to download pictures that are attached to updates (at minimum). Ideally they shouldn't be able to add pictures to updates at all as well.

Why is this feature important to you - We have users with restricted access to documents. I cannot enable pictures in updates for entire population because of that group, because we consider pictures to be documents. Which I don't believe it's crazy given Workfront is largely used in Marketing and pictures are commonly shared assets. 

How would you like the feature to work - Users with restricted access to documents shouldn't be able to download pictures attached to updates (at minimum). Ideally they also cannot attach any pictures to updates themselves

Current Behaviour - despite restricted access to documents users can upload pictures to updates and download them if someone else has shared them this way. From our perspective this is a gap in Workfront system design. Pictures are documents.

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Interesting. I hadn't thought about that being an issue but since the "pictures" are treated as "documents" in Workfront you would think they wouldn't be able to upload a picture to an update since it's technically creating a document.