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Require Users to only create new Projects from a template


Level 10


We use templates to provide our security & project standards (including milestone, approval paths, etc...). We even have a blank template (no tasks) so that if current templates don't apply, a new project still has our basic standards.

But, a user with the rights to create a project still can create a project without a template - which then does not follow our standards.

We'd like the ability to prohibit users from creating a project without using a template.



Level 9


I would LOVE that functionality - to simply be able to choose a setting that requires users to use a template to create projects, or alternatively, allow/disallow by Access Level would be FANTASTIC!


Level 4


Totally agree. The ability to hide or restrict the basic functionality would be great and would force users to use a set template of our choice that meets our needs/standards.


Level 3


Absolutely agree with this one. Either hide the "Create new project" button using the layout template functionality OR better still, SPLIT the current "Projects -> Create" permission level (see screenshot) so that the following can be defined separately:

"Projects -> MANUALLY Create"


"Projects -> Convert from Request"


Level 8


It should be tied to access level - so admins (for example) can create projects new or from templates, but planners can only use templates.


Level 2


Thank you for submitting the idea and explaining the need behind it!

We do understand the benefit this will bring but we won't be able to consider this for at least the upcoming year, so I will mark this unplanned for now. Feel free to continue up voting and providing your use cases as we might revisit this in the future.


Level 7


We DEFINITELY need this feature and we would also like to be able to control which templates appear in the New Project From Template list. We have a few base templates users should use, but then we have creative workflow templates that they need access to, but don't use to create a project from. This makes the list they see very lengthy and I would them to only see the base templates. Additionally, we find the window of the list of templates is very small and not a good UI experience which could easily be improved if the window was bigger and easier to navigate.