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Request/Issue planned completion date tied to connected project - similar to the project/task status


Level 7


Description - Would like the request/issue planned completion date tied to the connected project so when the planned completion date of the project is changed it also reflects on the corresponding request. Currently, the status does this. For instance, you cannot mark the request/issue complete. It auto closes once the project does.


Why is this feature important to you - Reduces the amount of manual work for people who receive requests/issues. Also, it makes the overdue reminder notification more relevant.


How would you like the feature to work - When the project's planned completion date is changed, the corresponding request/issue's planned completion date auto updates.


Current Behaviour -  We have the reminder notification turned on to send if a task/issue is overdue more than 5 days. Because the request/issue has a default 2 day planned completion date and can't be closed until the project is closed, those requests/issues are showing on the notification as overdue. Technically they are overdue because the planned completion has passed, but not really because the request/issue has been worked and converted to a project. Right now, the only solution is once the request/issue appears on the overdue notification, then find the project and its planned completion date, then go back and change the request/issue to match. This is time consuming and could be solved if this was automated.


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Level 5


100% agree with this! I submitted the same idea a while back, so this is a pain point for many users. Would be great to see the requests/issues planned completion date automatically tie to the resolving object planned completion date!