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Reports, Dashboards & Calendars usage


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As a system Administrator I want to know which reports, dashboards and calendars are used by my users. I want to know how many times those items have been accessed and what was the last time the report, dashboard or calendar has been viewed.



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I agree with Polly's idea. I need to know all the people using the report and when they use it.

I would also like automatically sent reports included. We have a ton of those, and I hope that system access counts. I need to see to whom the reports are sent, too.


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Hey, all,

As you all know, we've delivered the functionality for tracking Reports usage statistics over a year ago, so I'm going to mark this idea as Delivered.

I know this idea also includes request for Dashboards and Calendars statistics, but those are not on the roadmap for the coming year. If you'd like us to consider adding those too at a later point, please submit separate ideas for them.




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Hi there - we love that this idea has come to fruition... however, there is one major component lacking for us: calendar usage. I have created a new idea to expand on this so we can see the same sort of data points on our calendar reporting. Please upvote! https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0874X000000sYYQQA2/detail